Diapers Free Sample

This free sample is for you parents with little ones, diapers. But not just any diapers, these are the best all natural disposable kind called Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Diapers. No need to worry about all the horrible chemicals that you’d normally get in regular diapers, these ones skip all that. When my daughter was a baby I sure wish I knew what they put in all those diapers I used, if only they had these 🙁

This diaper free sample is for a whopping 42 diapers, for I think a new born at 8-14lbs. I’m not sure if you can request different sizes to suit your child, you might be able to find out.

There is a limit of one per household, and you must fill out a simple one page questionnaire about diapers and how you feel about the environmentally friendly products. Available in Canada and United States only.

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1 Crystal Jackson


2 erin flynn

I will be a first time mom in a few months!

3 jillian matters

thanks. it’s nice to get a break every so often from always having to buy diapers 🙂 🙂 🙂

4 tracy billcock

seventh generation diapers are pretty expensive so this is really a great deal. thanx 🙂

5 kathy marquis

thank you so much ! we are always looking for different products to try ! but cant really afford the items we want to try.I also have a friend that uses them and and she told me to give them a try to and that she really likes them alot . thanks

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