Devoted Creations Hot Mess Tanning Lotion Packet Free Sample

This one’s for all you folks that like to go tanning all the time. They are giving away one free sample of Devoted Creations Hot Mess Tanning Lotion packet. They send you one sample in the mail after you fill in a quick little questionnaire about your tanning habits. It comes in a small .7 oz packet.

I know some people out there are very picky about their tanning lotions, so just to let you know, this has a very fruity fragrance to it. More of a sweet sugar. The package says it’s an Ultra Bronzing Lotion and contains lychee fruit, caffeine, green tea stimulators, and anti-reddening formula. So there you have it. I probably won’t be trying this out myself, so I can’t give you any more details of my experience. I normally give my free samples of tanning lotions to my daughter.

So, this free sample of Devoted Creations Hot Mess Tanning Lotion packet is limited to one per household and one per email address. Available in Australia, Canada, and United States.

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1 Jennifer Jones

I want to buy a great tanning lotion, but they are so expensive. I want to know if the product works for me before I buy.

2 casey VanDuser

I just found a tanning lotion that works for me!!!

3 milissa cromwell

i gave this to my little sister, she loved it. thanks so much!

4 jimberley

this is now my favorite tanning lotion. i just love the way it smells.

5 Candy Apples :))

Thanks. I really enjoyed using this and loved the way my skin felt after. Does anyone know where I can buy a full bottle in Perth, Australia???

6 carrie jones

My favorite tanning lotion, it feels good on and even after it is applied



8 Paige Prater

I’ve been looking for a great tanning lotion so that I can get a bit of color after nine long months of pregnancy. I wanted to try it out before I buy it though.

9 Rebecca


10 jillian


11 sally

thanx i really have trouble findin my right tanning lotion and i wanted try this one so bad

12 heather hayson

thanks for the free sample trouble finding a good lotion that worth buying a big bottle

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