Designer Skin Paradisio Tanning Lotion Free Sample

This is for a free sample of Designer Skin Paradisio Tanning Lotion. When you fill out a small one page form about tanning and entering your address you’ll get sent a packet in the mail in about 2 weeks time. For those of you that don’t know what Designer Skin Paradisio is, it’s a relatively new company that’s become very popular in the last few years, this tanning lotion packet contains an Ultra Advanced 10 (X) Bronzing Blend with 98% Natural Dark Tanning Botanicals and is Paraben-Free. Packet size is .7 oz each.

Anyone who is serious about about tanning, should really give this a try. My daughter has been using this for the last year and says it’s great.

This free sample of Designer Skin Paradisio Tanning Lotion is available to most countries including United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Australia, and most of Europe.

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1 alison


2 alison


3 Carey Canary

I hear this is a really good tanning lotion. Looking forward to trying it before I buy it. Thanks.

4 honeypot89

thank u so much~!

5 sandiaaaaaaago

got mine

6 pauly

it smells sooooo good. Thanks.

7 qualia


8 Tania Marconi

can you choose differnent kinds of designer skin lotions?? any know???

9 olive

Got mine. Thanks.

10 elena


11 Angela

I heard that this is a great tanning lotion. I can’t wait to try it. Thanks!!

12 jess



Can’t wait to try this.

14 Gen


15 Britt

Cant wait to try it!

16 Danni Marshall

worked here san antonio, texas


i did it and got it.


18 p

OMG!! This smells soooo gooooood.

I <3 it πŸ™‚

19 kerry knowles

I love trying new lotions, I got mine in the mail yesterday, thanks

20 Kalia Thao

i like this

21 Chelsea

It wasn’t as good as I was hoping. So disappointed. So sad πŸ™

22 alicia kelly

thanks been wanting to try this for a long time

23 Haley

cant wait to try it

24 Lacey

seems to have great reviews, i’m very interested in trying this. i tan a lot. and my current lotion is not doin the trick.

25 Jessie Johnson

I want to find a different tanning lotion my doesn’t sem to be working any longer so I looke at this website and found these!

26 courtney

i think i’ve just found my newest lotion. thank you so much for posting this.


27 Dana Renae

Thanks I had heard this stuff is really good and it’s better!

28 christina

This sample doesn’t last long πŸ™

Does anyone know where I can find some around Stockton, California ?

29 Teresa Middleton

I really like this, I had heard Designer makes excellent lotions

30 maybeline marites m. balintag

thanks so much, but this free sample of PARADISIO tanning lotion made my skin really greasy after πŸ™

31 danielle gannin

i love the way this smells!
i ran out so fast, now im trying to find a place near by that sells it but im having trouble. does anyone know if its available in Davis, California?

32 missi botel

I really like the black. But want to try others..

33 rachel



Planning on spending ALOT of time out on the lake this summer! Can’t wait to see the results from this tanning product! Thank you!

35 Ellen

I love Designer Skin products so I can imagine this is a great lotion to try. I dont go to the tanning bed as often as I would like so whenever I do I try to make the most of my time and money there, therefore I enjoy using tanning lotions to help speed up the tanning process and help me achieve a dark tan in a short amount of time that lasts.

36 christine

This is an indoor product. Indoor products should not be used outdoors.

37 Kathleen Vernon


38 kylie dixon

I really like Designer Skin products. I mostly like the ones with tingle in them. They seem to help speed up the tanning process and show immediate results. Thank you. Kylie.

39 Ellen

I love Designer Skin products. I feel like they always give me a really rich tan and I enjoy how the lotion goes on your skin.

40 tatiana klemp

I haven’t tried a tingle bronzer yet but really want to! I have been looking at different lotions all day and just can not decide which one I want to try : ( If I like the free sample, maybe i’ll try it but I am wanting 60x to 100xx so dk.

41 Rebecca


42 Erika argueta

Ive tried spray tans, tanning beds, going to the polos or beach to tan and nothing has worked. I’ve tried over the counter tanning lotions and nothing. Read reviews on this product and wanted to try it out. Hope fully it works !

43 Ellen J

I just recently started tanning again. We have a tanning bed at the apartment complex that I live in and I decided to take advantage of it with the summer coming up. Not to mention I’m a Cali girl living in Florida so I naturally just want to be tan πŸ™‚ haha. Anyway I am excited to try this new lotion and hope that it gives me awesome results!

44 sarah p

Thanks I had heard this stuff is really good and it’s better!


45 Heidi Johnston


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