COR Silver Soap Free Sample

Only for a limited time, they’re giving away one free sample of COR Silver Soap. Normally, they charge about $10 or $15 for the trial size, but right now, when you send them your request, you’ll get it at no charge. And I already know what you’re thinking (because I was), no purchase is necessary. You’ll get a small package which includes a small 0.35 oz soap disc that lasts for close to 2 weeks.

This is a special, and might I add expensive soap to be used on your face. It’s suppose to contain silver which is a natural anti-bacterial agent. Along with silver, it contains a wide range of other ingredients too long to list here that works uniquely to give you that little girly glow 😉 .

With so many samples available it’s so hard to try them all so with this one I gave it to my daughter to try. She told me that it seems to work really well with removing makeup, especially mascara. She also notice that for the first few days it made her skin really dry, so she had to use moisturizer. After a few days, the dry skin went away and she didn’t need to use any moisturizer. She really liked the way it works and now wants me to buy her a large bar of soap. Sheesh, what did I get myself into, lol.

This free sample of COR Silver Soap is limited to just one per household. For a limited time only. Available to anyone in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, India, and Japan.

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1 Hanna V.


I’ve been wanting to try Cor soap forever but never got around to it. Didn’t really care for the scent though. Do they have any that are scented??

2 Jill Dylin

I’ve been interested in trying Cor Silver soap for a while but couldn’t justify the high price (why does it need to be so expensive?). However, I was so impressed with this sample that I actually ordered a full 120 g bar. I used the sample for the first week on my face, neck, arms, and legs and the results were more even skin tone and color, softer skin and NO soap residue at all!

3 Diana Evalosa

Thank-You. Pretty decent size bar for a sample. I heard Cor Silver soap really works and after a few uses I can actually feel it working. Only problem is that it disolves in water fairly quickly so you need to keep it out of direct water.



5 mandy tavares


6 sebin

this is too good to give it a try just 1 word ” SPLENDID “

7 Krissy V.

I’m not sure what I expected from this sample of Cor Silver soap. I don’t think I had high expectations as it was just a sample. For the couple weeks I used it I would say my complection was fairly clear and looked healthy especially since it is winter. Normally I find hard soaps to dry out my skin, nut not with this one. Overall, it was a good experience I think I would use again.

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