Coach Poppy Perfume Free Sample

This is for all you Coach lovers out there, this is for a free sample of Coach Poppy perfume. When you send away for this sample, you’ll get in the mail a 5 ml vial bottle for you to try out. It will also come in a cute carded protective covering with hearts and different kinds of writing. If you decide to go with the full size bottle after trying, it’s so cute you’ll love it. It’s almost worth the $65… almost.

Now, I’ve never smelled any Coach perfumes before, so, Poppy is the first for me and I’d have to say I really quite like it. Lately I’ve been wearing Chanel no 5 but I’m starting to look for something different and I think I may have found it with this. Poppy is so… tantalizing? I don’t know what it is, it deepens as you wear it. At first, it starts out smelling like strawberries and pineapple, then continues with a vanilla note with a small hint of rose. Such a versatile scent that can be worn anywhere from at work to a first date. It’s a fun springtime perfume.

After a while of wearing it around the house I got this feeling like I’ve tried this before or I’ve smelled it before. Well, it took a couple days for me to realize where I recognized the scent from. It smells almost identical to Sweet Pea by Bath and Body Works, which I happen to love. Well, maybe not exactly identical but really close. I think I’d need to smell Sweet Pea again, but if I remember correctly Poppy is much stronger and sharper. So if you really liked this sample perfume and want to get the full size, and don’t want to spend the money (about $30 less and almost 1oz. more too), then consider buying B&B Sweet Pea. You also wouldn’t be getting the super cute bottle either. Choices choices…lol.

Perhaps the only downside to this is that it fades fairly quickly (I’d probably say a good 3 hours, which doesn’t really have to be a bad thing, it’s just that I like it so much and want it to last forever 🙂 . Definitely try and get your sample of this, I’m pretty sure most of you will love it.

This free sample of Coach Poppy Perfume is only available to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, England, and India. Sadly 🙁 , there is a limit of just one (1) sample per household. No purchase necessary.

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1 Stephanie

when i sent my request, i messed up my address. i tried again and it said my free sample has been sent off, how can i try again. can anyone help me 🙁

i’m so sad

2 brittany

i love that it comes in a spray vile. i can put it in my purse and use it when i’m out.
oh, and by the way i got it in 5 days!!!! wow, talk about fast 🙂

3 Maddie

i messed up on the free sample order page, how do you go back to redue it?

4 Ashley

im going to surprise my sister with this soon


5 Barbara Bazilian

I’ve used the same perfume for 10 years and this smells better.

6 jasmine

love it!!!!

7 kelley

im trying to order 5 samples but im only able to order one. is there something im doing rong??

8 Nicolette Adams

I am all about Coach. I have a serious obsession and I know I will fall in love with the fragance 🙂

9 wanda fernandez

im love coach.

10 Cherie

got me mine in 9 days Thanks 🙂 guess i live close to the sample depot?? Tacoma, Washington

11 beverly leonard

love it

12 Mrs. Debbie Quan

This sample of Coach Poppy smells so nice, I love it…

13 dede

these seem like great samples

14 Shelly Ligon

My daughter wants to try this, saw a tester and thinks she would love it!

15 Rachel Pelton

Does anyone know if you can get other free sample Coach fragrances besides the Poppy? I’ve tried this one, but want to try a different one.

16 susan L

I got my first sample already, but I used it up already. Do you know if they’ll send out a second one if requested?

17 kate

i send the request in but still waiting, it’s been 7 days. ive emailed them and they said 14 days to 21 days 🙁 i want to try this so bad.

18 Stacy

I love Coach!!! I have to have a new Coach bag every holiday! I love this perfume! It fits perfectly in my new purse!

19 Kimberlie Wollan

I smelled this on a scent card and WOW – It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

20 Derek Gill

I’m ordering free samples for my wife because I have spent ridiculous amounts of perfumes & my wife didn’t like them

21 Michelle Whiteman

smelled this at Macy’s but not sure if I want to buy the whole bottle or not!

22 Michelle Whiteman

love the smell

23 Angelina Cancino

Thank you so much, I love trying out the new fragrance before buying.

24 Neeti Tiwari

Its one of the best perfume I had ever tried. I will now buy it certainly.

25 marjorie

I got this sample for my 12 year old. she smelled it in a magazine sample and she loves it.

26 brandy

I love coach. The quality and the designs are fab

27 adliyl35

It’s sweet and I love it!

28 Steph

I put this one just before school started this morning and this cute guy sitting in front of me actually turned around and asked me what I was perfume I was wearing. He never talks to me. But, he did say he wanted to get it for his girlfriend 🙁

29 Laira

I love the way it smells. The first time I smelled it, it was in a magazine. I’m going to wait until next month before springing for a whole bottle.

30 Andri Krak

I got my sample a while ago, but ran out already. Do you know if they’d be nice enough to send out another one??????? I tried already, but haven’t gotten a response back yet.

31 jennifer stautzenberger

Thank you my husband and I love it. Thanks

32 Megan Sampson

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!

33 Donna Rose

This is awesome !

34 courtney bond

this is my favorite perfume ever!

35 Lacey Jimenez

Awesome does not bother my allergy

36 Samantha johnson

I’m loving this perfume where can I get a full size bottle for cheaper!

37 Samantha johnson

My mother is the word couture! And she loves this perfume ! Wow! Something under 200.00 dollars ok I’m in shock! The best perfume coach has had yet!

38 Julia Dallerd

Amazing perfume! It has a nice summery, feminine scent. Slight melon with warm floral notes. It’s soft/sweet/sophisticated without being too overpowering. A perfect girly perfume. Thanx!

39 Debbie M.

Thank you. I finally got my sample of Poppy… I’m so happy! I love it, it’s so girly and floral. Not overpowering at all, it lasts so long, and all you need is a small amount.

40 Jodie C

I loved my sample of Coach Poppy perfume! Very young and fresh. Perfect for teens and preteens, and even adults! I also love the fact that a little goes a long way and lasts sooo long. This is my signature scent!

41 jackie v

I love Coach POPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

42 Bre T.

I’m so seriously in love with Coach Poppy! My mom won’t buy me any until my birthday and I whenever I go to the mall I get the lady at Sephora to spray a little on me. So glad I found this sample ’cause I can just put in my purse and use it whenever I want… until I get the full size bottle… soon I hope 🙂

43 Jekaterina

I loved my sample of Coach Poppy perfume! Amazing perfume

44 kristy thompson


45 Robby

Love this scent!!!

46 Edward Cestia

My preferred perfume is light blue from dolce and gabbana. I like the freshness and the fruity smell of that fragrance. I know its a good spring perfume for all the younger ladies. Its very gorgeous for men. 🙂 They just like it.

47 Charity Jones

I am supposed to be getting a bottle for my birthday and I have never actually smelled it before. lol 🙂

48 Mary B.

I never tried this before I got my sample so I didn’t know what to expect. Well, I loved it! Coach Poppy is sugary sweet and fruity floral with a subtle hint of watery lily and mandarin. Everything I love in a fragrance. Once I purchase the full size bottle this will be my go to perfume.

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