Coach Poppy Flower Perfume Free Sample

If you loved the original, you’ll love this one even more and they’re giving away a free sample of this Coach Poppy Flower Perfume for you to try. For a limited time, you can send them your request to get your very own 0.05 oz spray vile. But expect to receive yours in the mail a little longer than usual due to the high popularity and demand.

My sample of Poppy Flower perfume arrived yesterday and to tell you the honest truth, I think this one smells even better than the original Poppy. I think the reason is because this one focuses more on bringing out the floral tones and I’m a big fan of floral scented fragrances. But it’s definitely not overwhelming. It still has some citrus notes to it but they are much less than the first. I’ve read a few other reviews and that’s pretty much the consensus on this new fragrance, everyone loves it more than the first.

I should also mention that the spray pump in the vile doesn’t seem to work properly. It also seems that a lot of other people who received their sample had the same problem, including my neighbor across the street. A simple fix is to just switch it with another spray pump from another bottle if you have it, otherwise you’ll just have to dab it on. So it’s not a big deal, just be aware if you can’t seem to get any out when you push down.

This free sample of Coach Poppy Flower Perfume is available for a limited time only. One (1) per household. Open to residents of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Australia, and New Zealand. No purchase necessary.

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1 Angel

This is one of the cleanest light scents ive smelled…awsome

2 Emerly S.

I still think the original one is better. Too much floral in this one. thanks

3 Retro

I love this smell!

4 Anita Fredericks

it’s okay if you like strong floral scented perfumes. this one’s too much for me. thanks anyways.

5 Alex Karsin

My best friend is a big fan of Coach. She hasn’t tried this perfume yet. I’ll be giving my sample to her for her birthday. I hope she likes it. Thanks for saving me from having to spend $$$ for her birthday 😉

Thank You,
Alex K.

6 Brianne Mikeson

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m a big fan of floral scents and this has got to be the best one I’ve ever tried. I’m really loving it. Almost done my sample after only a week 🙁

7 Brett Tanner

I love this fragrance!

8 Teresa Smith

Thank you so much for the free sample.

9 skye a.

got my sample a few days ago and instantly loved it! it’s a nice fruity floral. sweet and light and perfect for a summer or spring day. i likeit so much cause it’s a very clean smelling perfume.

10 misty roberts

my first sample is pretty much done after 2 weeks. i love, love this perfume it’s already my favorite. i trying to get another one but it’s not letting me. is there something im missing?

11 Nancy Temple

A little strong for me. It has way too much floral for my liking. Not sure if it’s suppose to have fruity notes to it or what, I couldn’t smell any.

12 Dee Leverton

This sample was nice but probably not worth spending the money on. Maybe if it had a little less of a flowery smell, I’d consider it.

13 Anne Mitsi

Surprisingly, Coach Poppy Flower was actually awesome! Normally I have a strong allergic reaction to most of the perfumes on the market and I have to be really selective on what I try on my skin. With this sample I didn’t notice any kind of bad reaction. And best of all, it smells soooo good. Thanks~!

14 amy h

i got my other one the other day but i love this one is looks so girly and elgent xxx

15 Laney S.

I first smelled it on a Allure magazine sample……Ive been leaning towards purchasing it ever since. I am sure that this will make my mind up completely. Thankyou for the free sample. 🙂

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