Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup Free Sample

This free sample is for you folks who suffer from acne. It’s a free sample of Clinique acne solutions liquid makeup. You get a cute little packet sent to you in the mail. All you need to do is fill out a one page form with your name and address and “promise” (lol) to give a report on your experience with this product.

Actually, my daughter has been using this for a while now and she swears by it. She likes it because she shows less blemishes and red areas. And with her sensitive skin it doesn’t cause any breakouts. It’s even oil free and lasts a long time! She has nothing but good things to say about this. She does have moderately severe acne and this has shown noticeable improvement, with an even bigger improvement to her self esteem.

I remember when my daughter first started to use the liquid makeup, I was actually the one who gave it to her because I had heard from a friend who was using it at the time that it was really good. Anyways, I remember it didn’t clear my daughter’s face right away but it actually took a few weeks maybe even three until we both noticed a difference. It could be more or less for you since everyone’s skin is different.

And a word of caution. Be careful how much you use because if you use too much it can look caked on so you’ll need to learn how to properly apply this product. There was a few times where I had the challenging task of telling my daughter I though she had too much on (you never want to tell a teenage girl how to wear makeup, lol). She also learned to add a powder on top and add some blush to make it set better.

Overall, I think many of you who try this sample out will be impressed with it as long as you apply it sparingly. Most of Clinique’s acne solution products have served people well and have received little negative reviews overall. And don’t worry about breaking out or clogging your pores the next day after using the foundation (it does happen with many other kinds of foundations).

This free sample of Clinique acne solutions liquid makeup is available to North Americans only and there doesn’t seem to be a limit on the page (unless I’m blind??).

Picture of my Clinique acne solutions liquid makeup free sample

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1 jill herlands

I am a stylist/designer for the music industry. I design one of a kind sterling and leather pieces used in print ads and cd covers. My daughter is a singer, and has had some skin issues for a while, but she has dealt with it like no other 13 year old I have ever encountered … she is a “real” person, and doesn’t feel the need to show a fake side of herself to anyone … when she was a bit younger, of course, she received some ugly comments from kids saying things about the few pimples on her forehead … it’s all about low self esteem … and my daughter understands that. Her skin looks great now, but there are a few marks left from the outbreaks. I heard this was a great makeup and Ali asked me to get it for her … no problem … this sounds great, and I thought we could try it first … thanks, and let me know how to proceed

2 kerry knowles

I’ve heard clinique is a good product, I can’t wait to try it. thanks

3 Ashley

I have heard a lot about it!

4 Brandy

I’m BRANDY, 27 year old fragrance rep for NEW WAVE FRAGRANCES. My aunt has been a licensed cosmetlogist for over 30 yrs.. CLINIQUE IS THE BEST!

5 Jennifer E

Ive used several Clinique products and have always had great results. Planning on buying their pore minimizer serum but would like 2 try out the acne solution first. Depending on on these results it could be my next purchase.

6 Michelle P

Thank you.

7 Rhanda Goodwill

Thank you thank you!!! I was sent the Fresh Neutral Liquid Makeup and surprisingly it matched really well with my skin tone. It looks so natural and I didn’t even need to blend it into the sides like I normally do with other products. I have a few blemishes and a few old acne scars and they’re a lot less noticeable.

8 Miranda Koontz

I am 32 years old and still suffer from acne. I have oily sensitive skin. Most of my breakouts are along my chin and jaw line.

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