Christian Dior Color Eyeshadow 949 Lady Free Sample

They’re giving away one free sample of Christian Dior Color Eyeshadow #949 Lady. When you fill out their one page request form, they’ll send you out a choice of a few different eyeshadow colors, I can’t remember all the different ones but I chose Lady #949 because it looked like one that I might like to try 🙂 . It turns out that it didn’t look good on me and I ended up throwing it out. That’s why it’s important to try samples instead of buying whenever you can.

If you’re interested in this free sample of Christian Dior Color Eyeshadow #949 Lady then make sure you fill out their request form. Limited to one sample per request. Available in Canada, United States, and Australia.

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1 malia perez

love dior

2 Aoife

Really good brand and that’s such a pretty colour.

3 gunaselvi

I’ve been looking for this everywhere. It’s the toughest color shade to find. Thanx 4 postin’

4 Arsineh Manokian

Best brand

5 Anna Senderson

I love the Lady Eye Shadow sample that I got. It’s gorgeous with a wonderful texture and pigment. I have pale skin and this just brightens it right up.

6 Breanna Whyte

I don’t have any eyeshadows because my mom just started letting my wear them so I have no clue what compliments my skin tone… this is almost close to what I want but I think I’ll need to keep looking.

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