Chloe Love Story EDP Free Sample

If you’re a fan of Chloe fragrances and haven’t tried this one then you’re going to be happy to hear about this free sample of Chloe Love Story EDP. For a limited time you can get this 1.2ml (or 0.04 fl oz) mini eau de parfum spray which comes inside the usual carded cover with classic Chloe printing, gold and white.

I like some of the Chloe fragrances that have come out over the years. Some of them have been very similar to each other but with slight and distinct differences. With Love Story, you get the a fresh floral scent but I find it’s usually hit or miss with floral. This one does it quite well and very similar to 2008 Chloe but much lighter which I really like because it seems lately I have been gravitating towards lighter fragrances (I think I’m just getting old, lol).

Another thing that I like about Chloe Love Story is that it feels very feminine and classic, almost like my favorite Chanel no 5 (which most of you know I absolutely love). Love Story is just gorgeous when you first spray it on, because right away you get this orange blossom and a hint of jasmine with just the right combination and then the dry down is a beautiful creamy white flower fragrance.

And lastly, the lasting power is quite surprising as it seems to go on and on which is really surprising since it is a lighter fragrance. Overall, I really enjoyed my free sample of Chloe Love Story EDP and I honestly think I’ll consider buying the full size when I run out of my sample.

Picture of my Chloe Love Story EDP Free Sample

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1 Penny C.


2 stephanie t.

I love it! Thank you 🙂

3 kristin abbot

i got my sample and now i’m planning to buy a full-sized one soon. an amazing scent, can’t get enough of it.

4 Wendy Bringham

Thanks. I love floral fragrances and this is one of my new faves!! Not overpowering yet has a great, long-lasting scent.

5 Cindy258

!!Wow!!, my new favorite scent since they discontinued Vera Wang Princess. I usually don’t go for overly floral scents, but this one is so light.

6 Sara R.

My absolute favorite fragrance at the moment. This scent is so romantic and captivating and my husband loved it on our wedding day. Thank you 🙂

7 julia a.

thanx 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

8 Angellove

Good one for a summer time . Love it

9 Robyn P.

Love this scent. Not only does it smell incredible but it is definitely one of the longest lasting perfumes that I have ever tried. Literally lasts most of the day.

10 carmela


11 raven113

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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