Chanel Rouge Coco Set of 4 Lipsticks Free Sample

Here you’ll get a cute little free sample of Chanel Rouge Coco set of 4 sample lipsticks. This sample has a fold over cover with the image of the classic Chanel lipstick and logo on cover. And all 4 lipstick samples are encased in a tamper-proof plastic seal, along with a lip brush. The lipstick colors are; 06 Egerie; 11 Legende; 05 Mademoiselle; 31 Cambon. Net Weight 4 x 0.009 oz.

Thanks to Karin, one of the Chanel sample reps, for notifying me of this sample (it sure is nice to have family that works for Chanel wink wink).

This sample of Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks is only available one per household and available in the United States and Canada.

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1 janet condon

I love the color this gives my lips, thanks

2 oliviaNEWTON89

chanel has the best lipstick. my boyfriend says it looks sexy on me. 😉

3 cccccccc lover

i got 2 of these sent to me, i think it was a mistake. yaaay. thank you for posting this.



5 brittany

are they still giving this out? i tried to submit twice but wouldn’t let me do it again. is it over or is a one time thing?

6 taylor

hey my name is Taylor and i really wanted to sample some tanning lotions before i keep just buying more but there sp expensive in the salon im glad i got this thanks

7 Amber

when i got my sample, it was so small i barely had enough for just one application. oh well, i guess i can’t complain it was free.

8 Julie Timmerman

I love this little set, it’s perfect to trial purposes. My favorite is the Mademoiselle 05, it’s the perfect shade for my lips. The scent isn’t really noticeable which is good, and even when the color wears off, it leaves a nice red color behind. I love it!

Julie T.

9 kat

such pretty colors!

10 Kim Halwa

Thank you so much. I really liked the Mademoiselle color, it’s so beautiful. There are so many ways to describe it, but I’d probably say like a woody rose. It has a beige brown color on my lips as well as rosy pink. It really suits me. It’s even light weight and moisturizing. This is my new love.

Thanks again.

11 Carol Stiles

Thanks for the beautiful colors

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