Chanel Precision Ultra Correction Eye Cream Free Sample

Hey all you Chanel fans out there, this one is for you! You can now try a free sample of Chanel Precision Ultra Correction Eye Cream but for a limited time only. When you “like” their product, they’ll send out a 0.08 oz tear off packet in the mail to any address in the following areas:

United States

As most of you already know, I’m a huge fan of Chanel and all of their products, I don’t think I ever tried anything that I didn’t like except for this. First of all I was surprised by all the silicone in the ingredients. And second of all, the fact there it was so thick it felt like I was wearing a mask. Perhaps I didn’t apply it properly, but it was not something I felt was working. I know it was only once, but sometimes I can get a pretty good idea how something works just from the first try. So is this something I would recommend? Definitely. I think everyone should give any Chanel product a try, especially this one. Perhaps if I can find another sample, I’ll give this one another try.

Go a head and give it a try for yourself and see if this free sample of Chanel Precision Ultra Correction Eye Cream works for you. You have nothing to lose… right? Except maybe your time, lol.

Limit of one (1) sample per household. No purchase necessary. While quantities last.

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1 Dianne Hopston


seemed to work okay. you’re right though, it does sit a little heavy on the skin. not sure why.

2 Moreen Donald

Got my sample last week, haven’t had time to write my review. Just wanted to say that from what I can tell with just this one time sample, it works okay but nothing spectacular. It seems to deeply moisturize and absorb quicky so you can add your makeup quickly. Didn’t notice any reduction in wrinkles, and that’s the main focus of this product. So if I had to take it or leave it, I’d say I’m still undecided until I can try it for longer.

Moreen Donald

3 Karina

I absolutelylo ed this product it is everything that i was hoping for !.

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