Chanel Coco Perfume Free Sample

This is one of my favorite perfumes, it’s a free sample of Chanel Coco Perfume. You get sent the free sample through the mail and it comes in the mail in a small .05 oz spray vile.

I absolutely love the smell of this perfume, but it’s just so expensive, getting a free sample is really quite a treat. I do have to admit something though, I tried ordering many through different family members in my home and ended up getting an email from the Chanel sample department telling me that if I continued I would not get any samples at all. So I quietly take my one sample and I’m very thankful.

This free sample of Chanel Coco Perfume is available almost everywhere; United States, Canada, Australia, India, all of Europe, some countries in Asia, and South America. And of course, only one per household :(

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1 yara b.

I got mine this week.

Fargo, North Dakota

2 pauly159luvu

This is my favorte smelling perfume. Thanks

3 Tania Marc

Got mine in 2 weeks. Thanks again.

4 Amber*7jas

I’m going to use my free sample as a stocking stuffer.

5 Rebecca123

I’ll take this until my husband buys me some. Hopefully he likes the smell.

6 chocolate lover

got mine already thanx

7 lynn

I live in London, England and I tried ordering and it said it’s not available in my country :(

8 gin gin


9 lena

got mine in 2 weeks, yay.


10 Marissa

Can I order 1 more sample from them? I got the first one and love it. Thanks for posting this :)

11 rush

smells so nice. took 31/2 weeks to get it. i live in Rochester, New York.

12 samika swain

i love chanel

13 Autumn

I looked at your blog and I would love to try all of the product samples, but this one is my favorite.

14 imene

i love chanel coco

15 erin flynn


16 laura

channel = a classic

17 Lauren mcalinden

I Love coco channel

18 Shelley

This is my fav !!! I love the smell thank you :-)

19 Anna Phillips

Love it. Always have. Classic.

Thank you!!

20 Amy Kipling

My sample came in last week and I love it so much I’m almost already out. At first it’s a little strong, but the staying power is poor so it decreases in the intesitiy quickly. A very sophisticated smelling perfume.

21 Sinead Kelly

This is def my favourite perfume!!

22 Mrs gwen haverly

this is such a truly gorgeous perfume, the best!!!!!!

23 hasni abbassi

This is my favorite perfume

24 Susan VanDerBiezen

I love perfumes but sometimes you can’t afford to pay for the ones you really want so this is a really great way of getting to try perfumes that I know I can never afford to buy

25 Sandeep Kaur

I love this perfume…

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