Chanel Coco Perfume Free Sample

This is one of my favorite perfumes, it’s a free sample of Chanel Coco Perfume. You get sent the free sample through the mail and it comes in the mail in a small .05 oz spray vial.

I absolutely love the smell of this perfume, but it’s just so expensive, getting a free sample is really quite a treat. I do have to admit something though, I tried ordering many through different family members in my home and ended up getting an email from the Chanel sample department telling me that if I continued I would not get any samples at all. So I quietly take my one sample and I’m very thankful, hehe.

As some of you already know, I’m super crazy about Chanel and anything to do with them. I just love Chanel. There are some of their products that I don’t absolutely love, but probably 95% of them I do. Anyways, Coco is one of my favorites now. It’s got this great floral scent that isn’t overpowering or scream “OLD LADY”. It’s really quite youthful. I would even say it’s a mature gentile step up from the Britney or Pink Sugar type fragrances out on the market these days. Prepare to feel sophisticated and elegant too with all that extra confidence 😉 .

If you’re wondering about the lasting power, prepare to be wowed! Like I said earlier it’s not strong but the longevity of this product is really quite surprising. After only a few sprays and you’ll be smelling this for hours, and even well into the next day or after taking a shower. And another good thing about Coco is that a little will go a long way. With just a couple dabs or sprays and you’ll be good to go for hours. So a little sample bottle like this one will last a few weeks with everyday use.

The only bad part about Coco that I can think of is once you try it, you’ll probably like it and then you’ll want to buy the full size bottle and that’s where you’ll run into problems. The full size bottle is about $125.00 for the 50ml/1.7oz bottle. A little pricey up front but it could last a long long time.

This free sample of Chanel Coco Perfume is available almost everywhere; United States, Canada, Australia, India, all of Europe, some countries in Asia, and South America. And of course, only one per household 🙁

Picture of my Chanel Coco Perfume Free Sample

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1 yara b.

I got mine this week.

Fargo, North Dakota

2 pauly159luvu

This is my favorte smelling perfume. Thanks

3 Tania Marc

Got mine in 2 weeks. Thanks again.

4 Amber*7jas

I’m going to use my free sample as a stocking stuffer.

5 Rebecca123

I’ll take this until my husband buys me some. Hopefully he likes the smell.

6 chocolate lover

got mine already thanx

7 lynn

I live in London, England and I tried ordering and it said it’s not available in my country 🙁

8 gin gin


9 lena

got mine in 2 weeks, yay.


10 Marissa

Can I order 1 more sample from them? I got the first one and love it. Thanks for posting this 🙂

11 rush

smells so nice. took 31/2 weeks to get it. i live in Rochester, New York.

12 samika swain

i love chanel

13 Autumn

I looked at your blog and I would love to try all of the product samples, but this one is my favorite.

14 imene

i love chanel coco

15 erin flynn


16 laura

channel = a classic

17 Lauren mcalinden

I Love coco channel

18 Shelley

This is my fav !!! I love the smell thank you 🙂

19 Anna Phillips

Love it. Always have. Classic.

Thank you!!

20 Amy Kipling

My sample came in last week and I love it so much I’m almost already out. At first it’s a little strong, but the staying power is poor so it decreases in the intesitiy quickly. A very sophisticated smelling perfume.

21 Sinead Kelly

This is def my favourite perfume!!

22 Mrs gwen haverly

this is such a truly gorgeous perfume, the best!!!!!!

23 hasni abbassi

This is my favorite perfume

24 Susan VanDerBiezen

I love perfumes but sometimes you can’t afford to pay for the ones you really want so this is a really great way of getting to try perfumes that I know I can never afford to buy

25 Sandeep Kaur

I love this perfume…

26 tumi

Got mine. Smells amazing. Thank you so much 🙂

27 Pattyjimenez

I would love a free sample

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