Chanel Allure Homme EDT Free Sample

Looks like they did it finally, made men smell amazing, lol. Yes, they are giving away a free sample of Chanel Allure Homme EDT but I’m not sure for how long, probably only for a limited time. They’ll send you the usual carded spray vial. The vial comes in only a 0.06 fl oz (2 ml) size, enough to realize just how amazing this stuff really smells.

I have the Chanel Allure sample version of this for women and wasn’t too impressed with the way it smelled and the one for men was going to be the same but just with more musk, well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Wow! Chanel has finally made a fragrance for men that is so seductive in a lovely classical way. It pretty much does the same thing for a man than what a well-cut suit would do. I didn’t even ask my husband if I could spray some on him, I just went a head and did it because I know he wouldn’t mind (we have the same taste…usually). And don’t worry, it’s not overwhelming, it’s just the right amount of conservative. Very elegant, perfect for him on your date night 😉 .

So ladies, remember, this free sample of Chanel Allure Homme EDT is most likely only available for a short time and unfortunately, only one per household. No purchase necessary and available to anyone in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, New Zealand, and Australia.

Picture of my Chanel Allure Homme EDT Free Sample

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1 Eddie S.

Loved the sample. This is now my go to signature scent. As soon as I used up the sample I bought the full-size, it’s a little expensive but really worth the money. I wear this stuff alllll the time. Very versatile. Being a man, I never thought I would love Chanel so much.

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