Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume Free Sample

They’re giving out one free sample of Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume. When you send them your request with your email, they’ll send you back a printable coupon that you take to any Calvin Klein perfume seller in North America and they’ll give you this .04 fl oz sample size vile.

When I sent in my request email, I received the coupon but I noticed there wasn’t any kind of limit or expiration date. So just to test it out, I printed up 2 coupons and used them at 2 different locations and ended up getting 2 samples. My daughter tried this with 4 coupons and got 4 more. She printed up the same coupon. So, if  you’re going to try this, don’t abuse it Picture of my icon wink

This sample of Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume is available to anyone in North America who has an email address. And a printer is a must, lol. No purchase necessary or expiration date. Enjoy.

Picture of my Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume point04oz Free Sample 300x227

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