Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume Free Sample

They’re giving out one free sample of Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume. When you send them your request with your email, they’ll send you back a printable coupon that you take to any Calvin Klein perfume seller in North America and they’ll give you this .04 fl oz sample size vile.

When I sent in my request email, I received the coupon but I noticed there wasn’t any kind of limit or expiration date. So just to test it out, I printed up 2 coupons and used them at 2 different locations and ended up getting 2 samples. My daughter tried this with 4 coupons and got 4 more. She printed up the same coupon. So, if  you’re going to try this, don’t abuse it Picture of my icon wink

This sample of Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume is available to anyone in North America who has an email address. And a printer is a must, lol. No purchase necessary or expiration date. Enjoy.

Picture of my Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume point04oz Free Sample 300x227

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1 rachel hunt

are they giving out other calvin klien perfumes? anyone know?

2 zamika

after trying this sample, i really want this perfume so bad!!!….:)

3 reshma faras

i have’nt tried clavin klein’s perfume before, i love this one :)

4 marletta retherford

My friend Ashley tried Euphoria Calvin Klien and ever since she was telling me to try the scent out.

5 rowena irving

this is my sister in law signature scent

6 laura

i saw this in stores but didn’t smell it, im glad i could try it from them

7 Breana Castaneda

i Love It! Lots♥

8 vinayak.v.c

great perfume which does not last long…very sad.

9 danika m.

i’m already a big fan of euphoria but wanted a sample size to carry around in my purse. this is my signature scent. i’m a huge fan of calvin klein perfumes (i think i got most of them). i normally wear this on a date or at the club. it’s gotten me so many compliments. i highly recommend this to anyone. thanks.

10 fiona shearer

i m already a big fan of euphoria but wanted a sample size to carry around in my bag. i normally wear it when i go out to special ocassion . i m a huge fan calvin klein perfumes & i highly recommend it to my friends or anyone .thanks


i wanted a sample size to carry in my purse. i love the scent and so does my husband!

12 Morgan Butler

THANK UUU! Calvin Klein Euphoria is the best perfume ever. A little “musky” I guess, but not heavy. It’s a very intreguing smell and I’ve gotten a few compliments already too. I put it on after I take a shower and it lasts all day.

13 Dixie McNair

I saw this in a magazine and smelled the flap. I wanted this perfume sooooo bad. Gosh does it smell good.

14 crissy f.

thanks :) :) :)

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