Burberry The Beat For Women EDP Spray Perfume Free Sample

Here, you can now get a free sample of Burberry The Beat For Women EDP Spray Perfume for a limited time. When you fill out the request form, they’ll register you for a delivery of this fragrance in a 2ml vile protected by the usual cardboard holder. You’ll get it in about four weeks.

My daughter was excited to get this because she said her friends were raving about it. So we actually ordered one for each of us and, honestly, I’m not too thrilled with it. The reason being that it just smells too ordinary, I’m not sure what it is but it just doesn’t wow me. But my daughter on the other hand, well she just loves it. I also found that the smell just wore off too quickly, almost as soon as I put it on, it was going away. I guess to each her own 🙂

This free sample of Burberry The Beat For Women EDP Spray Perfume has only a limit of one per person for a limited time only. You can order as long as you live in any of the following places; United States, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Poland, India, and Japan.

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1 Tori Nesburn


2 Nat


3 Brianna

My friend wears this all the time. I think it smells so good. Thank You!

4 barbie benz

thank youu!! love this

5 Samantha Hopkins


6 ruby sands

trying to get this sample for a while… finally got it and this scent is incredible. It dries into a soft tea scent. my boyfriend loves it on me 😉 probably a great scent for any time of the year. i own Brit but cannot wear it on a hot summer day. i love burberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 Lin Parker

Got my sample yesterday, totally worth the wait! I love this perfume, it smells sooooo good. Such a classy scent, it’s got that floral vanilla-ish smell while not being too sweet. THANKS!!

8 Alison Fredrickson

I love THE BEAT! I get so many compliments on it. My sample is gone now 🙁 … have to wait until payday to buy the full size bottle. Everyone should try it, it’ll make you feel fabulous and fancy at the same time 😉

9 Mandy Christianson

I’m lovin my sample so far. Thanks!

10 Wu Shinyue

Ohhh, this perfume sample is perfect. Great for young to middle age women… it has this sweet aroma that’s not very floral. And I really love that just half a spray lasts 5-6 hours easily! I’ve never tried a perfume that’s lasted this long on me. You can even use it at both the nighttime or daytime. I LOVE THIS PERFUME!!!

11 C. Webster

So lovely, feminine and unique. This perfume is perfect for me. It’s bright and not very floral and easily lasts 5 hours or more on me. It’s an all day any day kind of perfume. I love it!

12 Saptarshi Sarkar

It’ll be fun presenting it 2 mom…..

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