Boresha’s BSkinny Thermogenic Fat Burning Coffee Free Sample

When you send them your request, they’ll send you a free sample of Boresha’s BSkinny Thermogenic Fat Burning Coffee in the mail. It comes in a small 1 oz single size serving packet of coffee, similar to the kind you’d get at a hotel.

When I first saw this free sample, I had no idea what Boresha’s Bskinny Coffee was, I had to do a little research. It is a thermogenic fat burning coffee that can also balance your energy so you don’t have a huge burst of energy all at once. Also, it has a patented hunger control and combats eating that is stress related. And apparently, I didn’t know this, but all coffee promotes fat storage in humans. This one doesn’t. Hmmmmm.

Anyways, this free sample of BSkinny Thermogenic Fat Burning Coffee is limited of one per household. While quantities last. Available to residents of the United States, Canada, England, and Australia.

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1 Tracey DiBiase

It was a bit strong for my taste, but it did give me an energy boost WOOOOOOOOOOW!!!

2 Anna Woodhouse

I am looking for a thermagenic that works for me.

3 Cathy H.

Wow! Talk about giving you a coffee buzz. I don’t normally drink coffee so this was a little strong. I recommend using only half the package or even a quarter to try it if you’re not too big a coffee drinker.

4 Lindsey mcdaniel

My mother in law likes this

5 anna briaowski


6 Crazy c

I could use a boost every now and again… Like right now. 🙂

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