Bond no 9 West Side Perfume Free Sample

This request will get you a free sample perfume of Bond no 9 West Side. The perfume sample comes in a cute little bottle wrapped in paper that looks like it’s a candy. The size of the bottle is .057 oz. When you make your request for the sample, it is sent to you through the mail in about 2 weeks (depending on where you live, of course).

These little samples are just so cute, I have the Bond no 9 Bon Bon box too that was given out as part of a sample and I’m starting a little collection of these perfumes. I’m a pack rat if I haven’t told you already, I love collecting things.

This free sample of Bond no 9 West Side perfume is available in the United States, Canada, England, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, and India. Only 1 free sample per household. Enjoy.

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1 Leslie Robinson

got my Bond no 9 West Side sample in the mail today. waited 6 weeks for it 🙁
I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado

2 Lina Bock

Got mine took 2 weeks.

Seattle, Washington

3 isabella

thanks for making this post, glad I had a chance to try it ’cause I really don’t like it. I thought it would smell better.

4 Shaylah Yaseen

I gave my sample to my daughter as a surprise and she loved it. Now she wants me to buy her a full bottle.

5 Debra Morris

I love all the Bond no9 fragrances.


6 Kristy C.

Thank you. These are absolutely adorable and love they way it smells too.

7 Sandra Arlington

I LOVE rose scented perfumes. This was amazing. Where can I find a full size bottle in Wichita Falls, Oklahoma???

8 tracy y.


9 silvy sachs

love this scent. the vanilla and rose are in the perfect combination. nothing overwhelming. can’t believe they sell this for almost $200 bucks in the store for a 3.3 ounce bottle. guess ill have to start saving up 🙁

10 beverley

i love this scent its captivating it lingers for a long time x

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