Beyonce Heat Rush Perfume Free Sample

This is like a sequel perfume, and now they’re giving away a free sample of Beyonce Heat Rush Perfume (not to be confused with the first, which was called Heat). When you send in your request, you’ll get sent, in the mail, this cute little bonbon wrapped 0.06 fl oz spray vial to you. They say on their site that some orders can take up to 8 weeks with the high demand that they are receiving, so you may need to be patient. Mine only took 2, but I was probably one of the first in “line”.

I really like they way some of these new perfumes are coming out wrapped up like candy. I think it’s so clever. It’s just like how the Bond No 9 line releases theirs.

If you’ve tried the Heat and expecting the same, you’ll be mistaken. This one is different. Heat Rush has a much milder scent and could be used for work or just worn during the day. It has a fruity sweet smell that is actually quite elegant. Definitely give this sample a try, I highly recommend it.

To get this free sample of Beyonce Heat Rush Perfume you must live in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Italy, Poland, India, or Japan. Only 1 sample per household while quantities last.

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1 tania marx

got mine just the other day and i just luv it. thank you so much.

2 Amanda Cries

thanks. this one is definitely her best!

3 Shauna Sanderson

I love the way it was wrapped up, but it didn’t stay for long 🙂 Loved the smell too. THANKS!

4 mary daniels

thank you

5 sammy

i know this might sound dumb, but how similar is this to heat? i know you said it’s different but how different because i really didn’t care for heat and i hear from some people that it’s totally amazing.

6 Sandra


7 Harriet Malinko

Just in case anyone is wondering, this is totally different than the Heat that came out a while ago. This one smells much different. At first I just thought it was the same thing but renamed a little differently.


8 de-anna m.


9 rebecca larson

this is great for wearing in the summer. really liking it so far. thank u.

10 Leslee Anne

I don’t know if it’s just my skin or what, but I got a bit of a rash after using this. Anyone else have that problem? It started getting red and itchy until about 20 minutes after I put it on.

11 Kristina Boyer

I bought this perfume when it first came out! My husband actually picked it for me, and he loves it! Very nice fragrance, and the scent lasts for hours! Very enticing to men who like it! I would recommend it to all women!

12 theresa mollord

well… sorry to say but, this is one of the worst smelling perfumes ive ever smelled. the sample arrived yesterday and after putting a small amount on my wrist and smelling it, i had to wash it off right away. it smells like a cheap fragrance, maybe more like cheap cotton candy. yuck!!!

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