Beyonce Heat EDP Free Sample

Here, they’re giving away a free sample of Beyonce Heat EDP spray vile. I think this is her newest, or at least, one of her newest fragrances on the market. It comes in the mail in a .06 fl oz spray vile wrapped in a candy wrapper similar to the Bond no 7 perfume samples.

I don’t know what it is, but it really does seem like so many celebrities are coming out with their own fragrance line. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just amazes me. I especially think this one smells quite nice, and I really love the way it comes in the mail wrapped up like candy.

This free sample of Beyonce Heat EDP spray has a limit of one per household and available to anyone in the United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, and Australia.

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1 Chiavanni Le'Mon

got my sample of the Heat by Beyonce. took 3 weeks. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i luv it.

2 Romilyn Paltep

I like this product! I love beyonce and everything about her! thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 yashika johnson

I got mine, it smells wonderful. I love it.

Thanks for posting, looking forward to receiving my other samples 🙂

4 Kaitlin

I want to see if this product gets a good reaction before i spend money on it.

5 Mikayla

Ya. I tried a little at walmart and it smelt good but I wanted to see how it would be aftar a lot of uses. Glad I got this sample. Thanks for posting this 🙂

6 Andrea McSunder

my arrived the other day. really don’t care for it. smells cheap. thanks anyways 😐

7 Erin Beckerson

When I got my sample of Heat I was expecting it to have a more sweet smell but I like it. It gives a sophisticated yet charming smell. It’s very different but in a good way. Plus, it’s Beyonce!!!!! How could you not love her??!!

8 Keesha O.

For the last few days I’ve been wearing this parfum sample and I love it!!! Has a sweet smell but not too overpowering. I’ve gotten so many compliments already. I’m a Beyonce fan and now a huge fan of Beyonce Heat. I totally recommend this to anyone.

Thank you,
Keesha O.

9 amanda pierce

thank uuuuuuu
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂



11 halie brooks

meh wasnt too impressed. smells like something that an old lady would wear.

12 andrea


13 Britt A.

I find with my skin it’s difficult to find a reliable fragrance that doesn’t change too much once I apply. That’s why I’m always trying out samples cause I hate wasting money. I’ve wasted so much in the past.

Beyonce’s Heat mixes really well with my skin. I love it. And on top of that, it has great staying power. Plus my bf says like an dancer. Hmmmm.

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