Benefit Ring My Bella Free Sample

Only for a limited time, when you send them your request, they’ll give you a coupon for a free sample of Benefit Ring My Bella redeemable at any of the listed retailers. The coupon is sent through your email and you can print it up and redeem it that way. You’ll get a cute little floral box and inside you’ll get a 0.05 fl oz spray bottle.

Hey, normally I don’t have any problems with Benefit and their beauty products but this one surprised me. It was not good, and by not good I mean terrible, lol. I had a really strong cheap floral scent. Just one smell of this and it gave me a headache. I would almost compare it to the scent of a children’s doll. If that makes any sense to you. They sometimes make dolls that smell really strongly like roses and this is just like it.

I also couldn’t help but think of Bella from Twilight with this perfume. Maybe it’s just me, lol.

If you’re still interested in this free sample of Benefit Ring My Bella it’s only available for a limited time only. No purchase necessary. Limit of one (1) per household. Available to anyone in the United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Sweden, and Australia.

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1 Dee-anne Michaels

I didn’t mind the floral smell, didn’t think it was too strong. My boyfriend on the other hand did not like it 🙁 Oh well guess I won’t be wearing it around him, or maybe I should get rid of him 😉

2 April Newton

Got my coupon and received my sample yesterday and I really love this fragrance. The floral scent is nicely blended with some kind of berry smell (perhaps raspberry?). It’s probably not a perfume for the older women, more for teens.

April Newton

3 Casity T.

Thanks. It was okay. Not a big fan of rose scented perfumes.

4 Julie Tanner

I love the smell of Ring My Bella. I put a little bit of the sample on just to try it out and left the house to go to work. I got so many compliments. The best part is that it’s light enough to wear everyday.

5 anuska nole

i love love this my boyfriend love to smell this on me

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