Benefit Posietint Free Sample

For a limited time, they’re giving away one free sample of Benefit Posietint. Without making any purchases, all you need to do to receive this is to select “try sample”, give the correct address, and they’ll send it out to you in the mail in 3 weeks. You’ll get a pink box and inside is a small 0.08 fl oz container of the tint.

I was kind of confused with what this sample does, so for those of you who don’t know, it’s a stain that you apply to your lips and cheeks to give a poppy red color. The reason why I was so confused was because I couldn’t tell when it was working. I applied it and could barely notice a difference in color, so then I applied a second coat, and nothing. On the third try, I did kind of notice a little color but not much. It could have been just from my skin being irritated by putting on so much of this stuff. So, would I try this Benefit Posietint again? Probably not for my skin type, I’m just glad it was a sample.

If you’re still interested in receiving this free sample of Benefit Posietint you must live in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Japan, and India. Limit of one per person. For a limited time only.

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1 Tia Maria

Thanks. It arrived in two weeks and really enjoyed using it. Is there any way I can get one for my Mom too? She lives with me.

Tia Maria

2 Katie Purrrrrs

I love Posietint! Thank you!

3 Rachel Sterns

first of all, just wanted to say thanks. and second, i really did not care for the color this made my lips. it made them look pale, like i was sick or something. maybe i need to do something different? do they have different colors or is it just the one? you can email me at

4 Amber Gillion

It seemed to work fine for me. I noticed my lips had more red to them. I don’t know if I’d say it was poppy red, but definitely more red than normal.

Amber G.

5 Roma

Love it

6 Abby R.

I love love love this sample!! I’m normally a big fan of lip gloss, but now and then I need a break but yet I still want some color. I heard about Benefit Posietint and this still is really amazing. I tried it on my lips and a little on my cheeks and it looks so natural on me. It’s a stain so it stays and you don’t have to worry about it rubbing off on someone. When I run out, the first thing I’m going to do is head over to Sephora and but the full size.


7 Lori Calmelia

Glad I got it for free. Didn’t care for it. Gives a hint of pink color for me. Most likely would show up better on fair skin. I prefer powder makeup to liquid due to my combination skin.

8 shruti


9 jess r.

Well, I just finished my sample that I got and I have to say that I absolutley love this stuff!! It looks so natural on my skin and lasts all day and it’s so easy to apply. And best of all it doesn’t conflict with my usual makeup application process.

And if you are wondering, yes, you can apply it to your lips and it actually feels good. I can see it being bad for someone with dry lips though.

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