Benefit Lollitint Lip and Cheek Stain Free Sample

There’s a new product in the series of tints by Benefit that you might want to try out… and what better way to try it out with this free sample of Benefit Lollitint Lip and Cheek Stain. Your sample will come in a 2.5ml or 0.08 fl oz mini bottle. And don’t let this mini size package fool you because this is the deluxe sample size too. You want to know why this is considered deluxe? Well, it’s because with this stuff you only need to use a small amount and it goes a long way.

Well, if you read my review on the other tint by Benefit called Posietint, you’ll notice that I wasn’t too impressed because I could hardly tell if it was on my lips or not. With Lollitint it was definitely much more noticeable… but not by much. It does get brighter the more layers you put on your lips. I actually really kind of like the color it seems to fit well with my skin tone. It really lasts a long time and will last through meals and even kissing, lol. And unlike lipstick, there’s no sticky residue which drives me nuts.

Another thing with Lollitint that I did unlike with Posietint was use some on my cheeks. I thought it might make me look like I was holding my breath and give me a purple look but it actually put some natural color that was a good match for my tone. You do have to put it on fast otherwise you’ll get these awful pink and purple streaks on your cheeks allllll day long. lol.

And to top it all off, after using Lollitint for a few days, I still had quite a bit of product left in the bottle. Yay! If you’re looking for a good tint to use and looking for a pinky purple color this free sample of Benefit Lollitint Lip and Cheek Stain might be something you may want to try.

Picture of my Benefit Lollitint Lip and Cheek Stain Free Sample

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1 Mindy L.

Thank You!!! null

2 Krissy Bolio


3 Tiffany Peters

Thanks. Gives a really nice natural fresh dew look to my cheeks.



5 p. renolta

This stuff is crazy pink! I have very little practice applying products like this so it can be a little extra effort when I want to wear it. But I really do love it.

6 L. Fortier

I got my sample and gave it a try. You do have to work quickly but it’s great. It adds a little color and lasts a long time. Thanks.

7 Melissa Sanderson

it just doesnt work for me. it wont blend right and just sorta sits on my skin. i will stick to powder or cream based blush. glad i could try it first.

8 Pam R.


9 nina a

works great on my olive skin, brings out just the right amount of pinkish purples.

10 R Blondie

I found that the color was long lasting, but it took a lot of coats for me to even see it on my lips. I’m also wondering if this really dried my lips out.

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