Benefit Hoola Bronzer Free Sample

Need to add a little color to your pale skin? I might just have the thing for you. Available right now when you send them your request you can get this cute little free sample of Benefit Hoola Bronzer. You’ll get this small 0.1 oz. (3.0g Net wt.) plastic package. There’s actually enough sample product here to last a few applications, don’t be fooled by the small amount, like they say, a little goes a long way, lol.

It’s kind of funny, I was reading the description of Benefit Hoola Bronzer and saw that it read this powder is like a Barbados in a box and it just so happens that I’m going to go on holidays there in a few weeks. Yay! So like a giddy little child I was excited to apply some of this amazing bronzing powder without having to put my skin through a tanning bed. Lolzzz.

Well ladies, I just tried this bronzer on this morning while getting ready to go out. I only used a very tiny bit and it seemed to go a long way, very good coverage. Normally I have found that during the winter months it’s been difficult for me to find a good bronzer that doesn’t give my skin that depressing and sickly orange color. I’m happy to report that Hoola does not give any kind of orange look but a much more natural tone. I’m not sure of other skin tones, perhaps you may not be as successful as me.

For the application of Hoola I recommend you use a big ol’ fat kabuki brush to get that all over summer glow. Then when you want a little more defined look, go grab a kabuki brush with a flat top just to contour the edges of your face. And no need to try and spend so much time blending as it blends really nice and very easily.

So, for a quick and easy way to get the all day at the beach look, why not try this free sample of Benefit Hoola Bronzer, it might just what you’re looking for. Limit one (1) per person. Canada, United States, Australia, England, Ireland, France, Germany.

Picture of my Benefit Hoola Bronzer Free Sample

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1 Janet B.

When I got my sample it came a little squished, but I was able to push it back into shape. Good bronzer didn’t exactly match my tone but was close. I’ll try other tones to try and match.

2 Alison Roberts

Great little bronzer, very natural looking, and makes a good contour to add definition.

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