Avril Lavigne Wild Rose Perfume Free Sample

I know a lot of Avril fans have been waiting patiently for this one. And for a limited time, you can now finally try out a free sample of Avril Lavigne Wild Rose Perfume when you send them your request. You’re limited to one (1) 0.04 fl oz (1.2 ml) mini vial per household, so if there’s more than one Avril fan, you’ll have to share it, lol. You can expect to receive it in 4 or 5 weeks depending on the demand.

Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot from this fragrance sample, I’ve tried Forbidden Rose and Black star and wasn’t overly impressed. Sure they were nice but something was missing. Surprisingly, Wild Rose is quite nice. It’s definitely sweet smelling, almost candy like. The rose scent is definitely there and it reminds me of candied roses if that’s even possible. It comes on a little strong at first but it lightens up very nicely after about a half an hour.

A lot of people are saying it smells very similar to Viva La Juicy, and I guess they’re right, but what I do like about this is that it’s not as strong or as long lasting (I get tired of smelling the same strong fragrance all day long). I would probably recommend this, especially to any Avril Lavigne fans who’ve already tried and liked both Black Star and Forbidden Rose.

To get your free sample of Avril Lavigne Wild Rose Perfume you must live in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, or Australia. Limit of one (1) mini vial per household. No purchase necessary. While quantities last.

Picture of my Avril Lavigne Wild Rose Perfume Free Sample

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