Avril Lavigne Black Star Perfume Free Sample

Only for a limited time, they’re giving away one free sample of Avril Lavigne Black Star perfume. If you’re one of the first 800 people sending them your request, you’ll get a small .04 fl oz dab on vile bottle. Fits perfectly in any small purse (or big purse). I’m still waiting for my sample to arrive in the mail, it’s already been 2 weeks.

It’s funny, you wouldn’t think much of a perfume that came out by Avril Lavigne, but this Black Star, actually won best fragrance by CEW- beauty awards. Go figure.

So, if you’re interested in getting a free sample of Avril Lavigne Black Star perfume, you’ll need to act fast and send them your request before all 500 spots are filled. Limit of one per request. Available in Canada, the United States, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Finland, The United Kingdom and Denmark.

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1 Evelina

I like this smell.

2 Julia Virgilio

i love this!! <3

3 leticia alvarez

i love pink….everything in pink

4 Michaela

love it! smells REALLY good


My daughter Kimis tried Avril Lavigne Black Star perfume and ever since she was telling me to try the scent out.

6 jennifer tee

i love Avril and her perfume is so amazing. thanks!

7 Kristan Marcobs

Ohh, I really liked this one. My sample was gone within 2 weeks after I got it. Thanks!

8 Liabra Doristos

does anyone know if there is a newer version out now? i thought i heard that but can’t find any information about it. i love blackstar!
thank you so much!!

9 Adella Miscon

I live in Australia and really want to try Black Star but I can’t for some reason???? Do they send these out to Australians?

10 Dee S.

Meh. I was looking forward to finally try Black Star out but it’s a lot like Viva La Juicy. Nothing too impressive, especially with the staying power. Thanks.

11 Rene Robanous

My sample came yesterday and… I love it! It’s got this vanilla/chocolate scent thats to die for. Little bit like BS Fantasy, but a stronger vanilla. Not a very strong perfume but perfect to wear and not have to worry about invading other peoples noses 🙂


12 Jenna Klipson

I’m a huge fan of Avil’s but I’ll be honest, Black Star is awesome. It’s so attractive, and vibrant. I like the notes of chocolate mixed with dark fruit (plum maybe?). I’d describe it as flirty. Almost similar to Cacharel. Ty!

13 Elizabeth Guerrero

i want her perfume so bad because i love to collect all kinds of perfumes and avril lavigne is my favorite celebrity

14 britt

Thanks love the perfume

15 Mahendra

Thanks Love the Perfumes………….

16 emma r


17 Aleasha Kanes

Normally I can’t stand wearing perfume, but this scent is perfect. It’s not too strong or flowery. I have a friend who doesn’t stop talking about how great Black Star is so I decided to give it a try with this sample and surprise surprise… amazing! Anyways, I’m always getting compliments and my boyfriend loves it. So there you go, definitely a keeper 🙂

18 Nicole R

Thank you 😀

19 amy h

they never seem to have this one in superdrug so i would love to smell from all the comments thank u

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