Assurance Absorbency Protective Underwear Free Sample

Hey ladies, are any of you on the look out for a protective underwear garment but you’re not sure if it fits your body properly? Well, I might have just the thing for you, it’s a free sample of Assurance Absorbency Protective Underwear. You’ll receive one (1) protective underwear in a large size which should fit any waist size between 38 to 50 inches.

Assurance underwear are designed for women and fit their unique bodies. These are also disposable so if you end up having an accident you can just conveniently throw them in the trash can. They’re created with women’s bodies in mind so they have the right shape and protection in the right places. You can use them any time of day or night. And they also have a special odor guard to help eliminate foul odors.

I’ll admit, after giving birth to my daughter I had to use either really absorbent pads or adult diapers for a few weeks. But honestly, adult diapers are so much more comfortable and you know what, I had a pretty good excuse too until I get older and have no choice. I had to wear them for a few weeks or maybe even a month due to some complications but haven’t had to wear them since. I don’t remember which brand I liked the best as I tried a few but I do remember some of them being really big and very noticeable. These Assurance Absorbency Protective Underwear do actually look like they’re thin and would conceal very well. I won’t be using my sample that I got but I do know someone that will gladly take it.

So, if you’re in need of an absorbent underwear you may want to consider trying out this free sample of Assurance Absorbency Protective Underwear and see how it fits and if it’s the right kind of protection for you. Good luck!

Picture of my Assurance Absorbency Protective Underwear Free Sample

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1 Niata C

I never leave home without wearing these. It gives me security and they fit great.

2 Sal

I’m a little on the bigger side and now starting to reach that age where things are a little uncontrollable. These are sturdy and comfortable and gives me back my freedom. Thanks!

3 B. Strong

I use these for my mother who is larger. For some reason I cannot find these anywhere at my store. They never even heard of it. Seems like it would be a big seller. Anyways, they’re great for my mother who won’t go out unless she has one of these on.

4 C. R.


5 Anita C.

I used to wear the Poise Bariatric underwear but found these to be so much more comfortable and easy to wear. Plus they’re the right price!

6 lanna158

thank you

7 Judi K.

I love this product. They are the best for absorbency, I never had any accidents with them. And best of all the fit so well I wish other brands with make more 2xl.

8 p. kranz

not the best absorbency under wear that ive ever tired, but ok. i find them to be a little wide in the crotch area and the material is a little rough and scratches when you move around

9 fred a

just what my mom need. thanks!

10 cristinadiddy


11 Peggy F.

These fit great and protect even better. I’m so pleased. Thank you.

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