Anastasia Of Beverly Hills Brow Gel Clear Free Sample

This is interesting. They’re giving away one free sample of Anastasia Of Beverly Hills Brow Gel Clear. Yes. You heard me right, eyebrow gel. When you fill out the request form, they’ll send this deluxe 0.02 fl oz tube in a clear plastic bag out to you in 3 weeks. Also, inside the bag, you’ll get a leaflet on some of their other products and a coupon for $1.50 off your next purchase.

This is a great product if you’re one of those people with eyebrows that seem to have a mind of their own. I have naturally thin eyebrow hairs and never had a problem with them looking wild. But, like any diligent sample fanatic, I did give it a try and well, I did notice that my hairs became quite stiff and was definitely held in place. Another thing that I noticed was that they looked a little shiny. I don’t know if that’s normal, but I didn’t really care for it. I know that some women try to achieve that kind of a look, but not me. No thanks. This is another product that I’m glad I had a chance to try instead of paying for it 🙂

Despite my review, you should give it a try, but know that this free sample of Anastasia Of Beverly Hills Brow Gel Clear is limited to residents of the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Poland, and Japan. One per household.

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1 Kandy

Thanx. It was okay, my eyebrows are really bushy and this just made them look painted on. I guess you need thinner brows to use this.

2 Belledine S.

… my cousin uses this and her eyebrows look amazing …

3 Nicole Terrance

Thank you

4 Donna Crumb

Thanks. Definitely not for someone with large thick eyebrows. My eyebrows looked like shiny brown caterpillar 😛

5 brianna marcton

thank you. ive been using anastasia products for the last few months but havent tried this one.

6 katy d.

THANKS! I found that all you really need is just a small amount on your brows. If you use too much then it starts to look clumpy and gets way too hard.

7 amy u.

thank you

8 Calista Smith

My sample came in a few days ago and it’s awesome! I’ve been wanting to try this stuff for a while now and wanted to wait ’cause it was too expensive. Now that I have I really like it. It holds for the entire day, I highly recommend this!

9 Veronica W.

I finally got this three days ago and I think it’s too stiff for the eyebrows. You have to apply it just perfectly othewise it’ll be flaky. I still prefer a brow wax which is much softer.

10 Jaime Cooke

Not sure if this was really needed since my eyebrows are normally pretty neat and tidy but I did give this a try. They stayed perfectly in place for the whole day and the Anastasia brow gel is fairly easy to apply and dries quickly.

11 Kaity G.

thank you thank you!! ive wanted to try this for a while now!

12 Tamra

My eyebrows need all the help they can get…Thanks

13 April howard

Thank you

14 Donna McLeod

Just what the doctor ordered. If only I had of stopped plucking them so badly I wouldn’t need it. Thanks.

15 Ellen J

we will see, i get my eyebrows threaded every so often, i have pretty thick eyebrows for a blonde, im extremely slavic and italian though so that probably contributes lol anyway i think this gel could help me shaped them better

16 Nadia Luton

I highly recommend this brow gel to anyone who’s got eyebrows that have a mind of their own. My eyebrow hairs grow everywhich way and it makes me look like a cave woman. This is actually the only brow gel formula that I trust and use consistently and it lasts all day so you don’t have to worry about touch ups. I think the key to Anastasia’s brow gel is the wand. It’s really good.

17 Cali R.

Awesome! Thanks finally I’ve been looking for something that would tame my wild eyebrows and keep them in place. I find Anastasia Brow Gel works best for me when I use it at night so when I wake up my eyebrows are perfect and not going every which way. The mornings are the worst for me I swear I needed to spend at least 10 minutes combing them back with a little mascara brush. Ridiculous.

18 Eli

I wanted to try this , thank u

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