Anastasia Hydrafull Lip Gloss Deluxe Free Sample

I’m not sure how long this will last for, but right now you can get this deluxe free sample of Anastasia Hydrafull Lip Gloss. Yes, this is the mother of all lip gloss lol. They’re limiting this to just one (1) per household so you’ll need to get this before someone else in your home does 😉 .

When you get your lip gloss, it’ll come in a 0.03 fl oz (1.0 ml) tube inside a little black box. This is a very generous sample size, I think it’s pretty comparable to the full size. And the only choice of gloss is the Sorbet, so hopefully you like that flavor.

I don’t normally wear lip gloss since I find it never lasts very long on me. It’s like as soon as I put it on, it’s already gone, lol. I did give my sample of Anastasia Hydrafull Lip Gloss a try since I needed to make sure I make an accurate review of the product for y’all. Anyways, interestingly enough, this gloss is not sticky at all and it stays on for a fairly long time (about 3 to 4 hours on me). The Sorbet is pretty close to my actual lip color so that was a plus, it didn’t look abnormal or anything. It is a little shiny and brings a lot of attention to the lips.

The only downside to this lip gloss is the applicator, it’s this weird plastic wand thingy. It’s just so awkward trying to apply the gloss. Despite that, it’s a great product due to the staying power.

This deluxe free sample of Anastasia Hydrafull Lip Gloss is only available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, and Australia. While quantities last and limited time only. No purchase necessary. Limit of one (1) per household.

Picture of my Anastasia Hydrafull Lip Gloss Deluxe Free Sample

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1 D. D.

Well, I tried lots of lip gloss in the past and this one totally tops the list! The sample of Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss was in Sorbet… I was impressed with how quickly it moisturized my lips and the shine that seems to last a long time. I even purchased the full size half way throught the bottle in case I couldn’t find it again. A++++ Thanks~!

2 A. Chaleau

thanks! im always wearing lip gloss!

3 terra j.


4 Zoe T

BEST LIP GLOSS EVER!! I wear a lot of lip gloss and with Anastasia Hydrafull it’s definitely a rich and thick gloss. It makes my lips look so smooth and full (is it suppose to be a lip plumping gloss?). And most important of all, it doesn’t taste like anything, usually that’s a deal breaker for me. I just hate strong flavored gloss.

5 LIsa Dreago

I’ve been trying to find the Flamingo shade gloss. Do you know if they’re giving out samples of that one? I’ve tried the Sherbet and it doesn’t match my lip color very well.

6 jenni newmar

…really liked this gloss and the applicator but there isn’t much in the tube… hopefully when i buy the full size it will have more

7 Marisol


8 miranda e.

thank you

9 Julia Rosetta

wow Anastasia Hydrafull lasts a long time, probably longer than any other gloss I’ve ever tried. Only problem is that it’s a little sticky which makes the application process a little tricky otherwise it’s a fabulous lip gloss.

10 mahogany phillips

cool i heard that this lipgloss was awesome!!!!

11 rayanne v.

OMG!! this is the best lip gloss ive ever tried thank you thank you!!!!

12 NAE


13 elwira

Thank you

14 Rene R.

Very similar to my other favorite gloss, Lip Elixirs from Maybelline. Loved the glossy shine and plushy feel it gave my lips. The only thing that sucks is the applicator, it just seems to add a glob of gloss to my lip and doesn’t spread properly. I need to use my finder to finish up. Besides that HydraFull is awesome. Thanks.

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