Algenist Concentrated Reconstructing Serum Free Sample

Try to saying the name of this one ten times really fast, lol. They’re giving away a free sample packet of this Algenist Concentrated Reconstructing Serum with any request. Once accepted, they’ll send this small 0.05floz (1.5ml) packet to you to try out. It’s good enough for one, maybe two applications. It’ll come in a clear bag with a small brochure on what the product is all about. Expect deliveries of two to three weeks.

At first, I wasn’t too sure what Algenist was all about, it sounded familiar but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then I read up on it and found that it uses algae. I know, it sounds strange but it’s no stranger when it comes to cosmetics. Algae is used in many different things but I guess this one has a “special” formula that does make it unique. I gave my sample a try and I can honestly say it was a little different than other serums I’ve used before. It’s not greasy when you apply it and after my skin did feel very smooth and almost fluffy. And seemed to work nicely under makeup. I’d give this one a try, especially if you have sensitive skin.

This free sample packet of Algenist Concentrated Reconstructing Serum is only available for a limited time. Limited to just one per household, while quantities last. Open to residents of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand.

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1 Kylee Anders

THANKS. I have fairly sensitive skin and this kept everything in check. No breakouts or anything.

2 Emily Lacelli

I’ve used Retinol with pretty good results. I’ve been wanting to try this because it’s algae based. I need something that will calm down my acne and fade some of the scaring 🙁 . I’ve looked into buying the full size but it goes for $95.00! I’d hate to buy it and find it makes me break out.

3 amanda alstine


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