Aerin Evening Rose EDP Spray Free Sample

Well, here’s a great way to try out a new fragrance from a fragrance line you may not have heard of (at least I hadn’t). It’s a free sample of Aerin Evening Rose EDP Spray. This sample size comes in your typical mini 2ml or 0.07oz spray vial inside a cute flower carded covering.

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’ve been living under a rock, lol, but I really hadn’t heard of Aerin Lauder before. Actually, when I see Lauder I just assume it’s an Estee Lauder or an associate (I guess it is kind of) but it’s Estee’s granddaughter that brought out this brand and it includes all sorts of cosmetics, jewelry, hand bags, and even home items. (Wow, that’s ambitious.)

Anyways, I probably shouldn’t have looked up the price before I tried out my sample, but I did. Oh boy, wow, it’s a fairly expensive fragrance. Just a 50ml edp bottle will cost you about $110!! So, I think that changed my impression of the fragrance and made me feel as though it must be good. Well, it is, if you like rose scented fragrances. But not overly rose scented, just a very elegant womanly smell. I really actually liked it. Even my husband liked it too who is used to me only wearing Chanel No 5 lately. I feel like this would be something you wear when you go out on a first date or a sophisticated dinner party.

The longevity of Aerin Evening Rose is not long lasting, only a few hours. You’d probably need to carry it around with you in your purse, that’s why this sample size is so convenient. If you don’t have the luxury of carrying it around with you, you could always try rubbing unscented lotion first and then spray Evening Rose and it should last much longer.

I really enjoyed my free sample of Aerin Evening Rose EDP Spray and I think many of you might like it too, especially if you enjoy rose scented fragrances.

Picture of my Aerin Evening Rose EDP Spray Free Sample

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1 Kelly K.

This is such a classy perfume. It’s like sweet roses in a bottle. Everywhere I go, I get compliments. If you want to pamper yourself, you should really try this!

2 Candy Perfume Lover

thought this was going to be the typical rose perfume that old ladies would wear… it definitely is NOT! it’s warm and sensual and even a little bit sweet. perfect for wearing everyday.

3 lisa chong

been looking for the perfect rose scent for like ever! and now i’ve finally found it. thank you!

4 Carolyn U.


5 Gema L.

Not bad but if you don’t mind a strong floral perfume. I wouldn’t recommend you wear this around the office as it can be irritating for some.

6 Hope P.


7 A. Dobbs

Yuk! Couldn’t stand a single spray. Ended up throwing it out. Thanks anyways.

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