37 Extreme Actives Anti-Aging Cream Free Sample

Now you can try and stop time in it’s tracks with this free sample of 37 Extreme Actives Anti-Aging Cream when you fill in their request form. You’ll get to try this little trial packet good enough for about 7 uses (all you need is just a small pea sized amount per use). After your request has been received, they’ll ship it out to you in a few weeks time.

I’ve heard of this product before from a few sources so I was a little interested in giving it a try. Just the idea of it containing 37 different ingredients that help with your skin care practices was intriguing to me. So I did what was recommended with the use of the product, I applied a tiny amount twice a day after washing and rinsing. Well, the first thing I noticed was that it felt like a cream but wasn’t greasy at all and the smell was pleasant. I can honestly say, just from the few days use from the sample that my skin did seem smoother and some of the dreaded wrinkles did look less pronounced. Now I’m more curious to buy the full sized jar, which I think runs for close to $300 yikes! Maybe I’ll be really nice to my husband, lol 😉

Definitely give this a try. This free sample of 37 Extreme Actives Anti-Aging Cream has a limit of one per household. No purchase necessary. Limited time only. Available to you if you live in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, India, and Japan.

Picture of the sample tube of anti aging cream that you get

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1 Phyllis Sprawling

the first place I noticed a difference was the dark circles under my eyes, they were noticeably more pink and softer looking. I think I might consider buying a full sized jar of this when I can afford it. Thanks, Phyllis.

2 Steph

this is definitely different than any other facial cream that I’ve ever tried before. i think i really like it, but it’s so hard to tell with such a small sample. maybe they’d be kind enough to send out another one? hint hint?

3 Gilda Mains

Thanks but it reminds me of an over priced Olay product.

4 mary daniels

thank you

5 Glenda

Thanks. Found it a tad too greasy for my skin.

6 Gloria Stills

does anyone know if this is the same skin care product that J.Lo is promoting? I just can’t remember if it’s Le Mer or this. I guess it can’t hurt to try it anyways.

7 linda larcus


8 holly

i really liked the texture. felt really nice and not greasy at all. very similar to LE MER

9 Janice Brines

i’m already out of my sample 🙁 now i need more. i feel that it’s really working. the only problem is that i can’t find it anywhere in my city 🙁 does anyone know if it’s available in stores in or around the Charleston, South Carolina area?

10 olanda ming

thanks but i didn’t think it was anything special 🙁 most products have at least “37” or more ingredients in them.. except they don’t use that as a marketing gimmick.

11 arpit

it is very nice my cousin is also using this.i like it very much

12 samantha doddart

what i like about this 37 active solutions is that you don’t need to use anything else with it like a serum, daytime moisturizer, night time moisturizer, or eye cream. this has it all in one. i guess that’s why it’s so expensive. thanks!

13 EJB


37 referred to the number of ‘active’ ingredients that are at an active level, and it actually has 50 active’s at an active level in it now with the new formula. Most products only have a few actives at that level, as in 3 or so. Dr. Macrene has actually patented the method in which these actives are delivered most efficiently to your skin, so you won’t find another cream with this many actives that your skin can absorb this effectively.

And Janice, you can buy it online at http://www.drmacrene.com.

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